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About us

We are a performance marketing network built on creativity and experts’ foundation in the year 2015. We are on a mission to help Advertisers and Affiliates to achieve best ROIs in Mobile User Acquisition.

We use cutting edge analytical and tracking tools to analyze the campaign performance reports and deliver optimized results. We explore the market before every campaign to eliminate all inefficient solutions and select only what really works for our partners.

Our dedicated account management team works closely with clients to understand their objectives in detail and help them to execute customized comprehensive marketing strategies.


We consider our partner’s ROI as our own and we do our best to keep it as high as possible


Join the global User Acquisition platform for high activity users from unique sources

Planet-Wide Audiences

Traffic from direct Publishers and channels across the world

Custom Crafted Campaigns

High Payout large volume exclusive offers from direct Advertisers

Laser Audience Targeting

Variety of traffic sources to reach niche and volume audiences

Smart Possibilities

Smart campaign links, Anti-Fraud System and Advanced Tracking

Personalized Solutions

One-On-One Traffic Analysis and direct Advertiser feedback

Integrated Partners

Our integration with industry leading tracking tools talk about our quality.


Working with a happy partner is a real fun of a successful business

Brands trusted by

We set advertising standards high for the brands those trust us


We have got combined years’ worth of success in mobile Apps & Games promotion. We have taken a part in many networks' growth journey through enabling them to exceed their wildest install and revenue expectations.

We do this through offering the most diverse responsive global traffic that our partners always needed.

Our Team

We are a team of experts continuously working to quickly achieve our partner’s goals in best possible way

Darryl Tan

(CEO & CO-Founder)


(Head Of Business Development)

Kunvar Pratap Singh

(Sr. Account Manager)

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